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Simulated ‘island’ shows where and how to use drive systems
Published:  18 March, 2014

Siemens Industry has developed a Web-based tool that uses an online simulation of an island to show how and where drives can be used in the oil and gas, mining, cement, power generation, metals and marine industries.

The Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) tool invites user to explore the island and discover how IDS can be adapted to applications. The island has areas devoted to six industries and, in each area, users can focus on specific applications. The tool shows relevant product information and provides links to videos, case studies and other industry-specific content. The videos include experts discussing how IDS can help to cut initial project costs and to become operational faster.

“We improved the typical search model,” says Bill Baker, senior account manager with Siemens Drive Technologies in the US. “Now users can cut through the product information clutter, searching by industry and application versus spec information alone.”

Siemens' simulated island shows how and where drives systems can be used

The tool helps potential customers to pull together different IDS equipment – such as drives, motors, couplings and gearboxes – to meet their unique needs. This can help to reduces project development time, minimise engineering costs and shorten time-to-profit, says Siemens. It adds that the tool will also help customers to shift their perspective about how drive systems should be designed, specified, installed and operated for their applications.