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Quartet of motion controls includes 100µs per axis model
Published:  27 February, 2024

Elmo Motion Control, the Israeli controls manufacturer owned by Bosch Rexroth, unveiled several new ranges at the 2023 SPS exhibition in Germany including the first AC servodrive in its Platinum family to offer full functional safety. The Platinum Bassoon delivers up to 10A at 230V, and up to 3.25kW of continuous power. It can drive brushless, DC brushed and linear motors, or voice-coil devices.

Elmo also demonstrated the third generation of its Titanium motion controller, with advanced real-time capabilities for multi-axis machines. Based on a quad–core CPU and a large memory, the Titanium Maestro achieves cycle times of 100µs per axis. It also offers AI, image processing and Python programming capabilities.

In addition, Elmo previewed two dual-axis servodrives with safety capabilities due for release in 2024: the Titanium Solo Castanet, based on GaN switching, for low-voltage (100V) applications up to 15A and 2.4kW of continuous power; and the Titanium Harmonica 2 Axes with local intelligence for applications up to 10A at 200V and 5.6kW of continuous power per axis.

Elmo’s Platinum Bassoon servodrive offers full functional safety

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