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Smartphone-sized LV drive supports Sercos III communications
Published:  02 April, 2014

The Israeli motion control specialist Servotronix has launched a compact, high-power servodrive with a Sercos III interface, that is aimed at 15–48V DC bus servo motion applications. The LVD Sercos III drive can be used with small low-voltage brushless, stepper or brushed DC motors.

The drive is about the size of a smartphone, and weighs 250g, making it one of the smallest drives available. With a 12A rms peak current and a switching frequency of up to 100kHz, it is also claimed to one of the most powerful LV drives available.

The high PWM switching frequency, combined with field-oriented control and space-vector modulation, enables operation of low-inductance motors while minimising current ripple and eliminating acoustic noise. Separate logic and bus power supplies allow safe motor power-off, while maintaining the drive state, and a fast restart.

Control of stepper motors is achieved using closed-loop commutation, with no step loss. This is said to deliver servo-like performance with the low cost of a stepper motor.

Servotronix's LVD drive weighs just 250g, yet delivers 12A peak currents

The drive’s support for Sercos III provides high-performance, multi-axis control at a competitive price. The drive has been qualified by Bosch Rexroth for use with its IndraMotion Control models, MLC motion logic control, MLD drive-integrated motion control, and MTX CNC platform.