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Compact water-cooled motors deliver IE5 efficiencies
Published:  07 February, 2023

ABB has announced a new generation of low-maintenance, water-cooled motors that achieve IE5 efficiencies and are claimed to have power densities that are 50% higher than similarly-sized motors. The Baldor-Reliance HydroCool XT motors are available in induction (IE3) or permanent magnet rotor (IE5) versions, in four Nema frame sizes from 45-932kW (60-1,250hp).

The motors’ water-jacket cooling achieves higher thermal conductivities than air-cooled machines, helping to extend their lives, while eliminating the need for fans or air filters. They are said to deliver more power in a smaller footprint than similarly sized totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors.

Cooling efficiency is maintained even at low speeds, allowing the motors to operate direct-on-line or as variable-speed drives without derating or power losses. They are suitable for constant-torque applications.

Shaft grounding is standard, protecting the bearings. The motors support ABB’s Ability Smart Sensor condition-monitoring technology to provide instant information on their health and performance, and generating data to make operations efficient, predictable and safe.

ABB’s water-cooled HydroCool XT motors deliver high efficiencies in a power-dense design

The IP55-protected (IP56 optional) motors are aimed at industries such as pulp and paper, water and wastewater, mining and aggregates, as well as extreme marine duties.

“The power- and torque-dense design of the HydroCool XT reduces its size and, since the cooling is built into the frame, there is no need for extra space around the motor for air flow,” explains Matt Felt, global product manager for Baldor-Reliance Navy & Marine Motors. “The motor is quieter than comparable air-cooled motors, and it’s able to achieve high efficiency ratings. These features result in a smaller physical footprint and lower overall operating costs when compared to similarly powered motors.”

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