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Five compact drives save on space and resources
Published:  06 February, 2023

At the recent SPS exhibition in Germany, the Swiss motor and controls maker maxon launched five compact drive products designed with efficient use of resources in mind. They were:

• Two frameless electronically commutated motors (DT85 M and L) based on the frameless DT50 EwC motor, but for higher torque applications. The compact motors offer low rotor inertia, good heat dissipation and simple integration. They can also provide large hollow shafts for power supply or signal lines.
• A new drive (the IDX 70) which, in combination with the configurable GPX 70 planetary gearhead, can deliver peak torques of 87.5Nm. maxon was also promoting a combination of its IDX 56 drive with the GB 28 worm gear from its British subsidiary Parvalux, which provides a peak torque of up to 8Nm.
• The compact MicroMacs6 programmable multi-axis controller which can synchronise up to six axes in real time, and offers Bluetooth as an option.
• The ENX 32 Mile inductive encoder which integrates with maxon’s ECX Flat 32 motors to achieve extremely short drives.
• ECX Speed 8 motors with pin connections that allow them to be installed in applications where space is limited, or easy cleaning is required.

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Maxon’s frameless DT85L motor targets high-torque applications