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Digital servodrive can be controlled by a smart motor
Published:  01 March, 2021

Moog Animatics has announced a digital servodrive that can be controlled by the company’s SmartMotors via a network that is using its Combitronic communication protocol. The single-axis DS2020 drive can act as a follower device, allowing it to work in SmartMotor-based machines and applications, and allowing users to make their machines simpler and smaller.

The drive is designed to operate Moog’s CD series motors, which provide high-torque capabilities for large axes of motion. It retains the SmartMotor’s ease-of-use, while also addressing the power needs of demanding applications. Holding brakes are standard for the CD motors and cooling can be natural or fan-assisted.

“The introduction of the DS2020 Combitronic system marks an evolutionary step in the SmartMotor product line-up,” says Moog Animatics’ general manager, Ray Walsh. “This new product offering allows Moog to satisfy customer application needs where larger, high-torque motors are required, while leveraging the advantages of SmartMotor technology.”

The new drive supports Animatics’ SMI software. The AniBasic programming language can be used to configure and program an entire system.

Moog Animatics’ DS2020 servodrive can be controlled by the company’s SmartMotors

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