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Shaft-mounted pinions are easy to install
Published:  17 March, 2014

Stober has introduced a range of shaft-mounted pinions for rack applications with a mounting system that is said to allow simple engagement and setting of the pinion location.

An adjustment plate allows easy installation and meshing of the ZV pinion to the rack. Users can raise or lower the gear and pinion between full tooth engagement and no tooth engagement.

“This plate is innovative,” says Stober application engineer, Tim Anderson. “Few, if any, of our competitors have anything like it. It allows for a quicker and easier assembly without the hassles of mounting the gearbox, while simultaneously engaging the pinion with the rack.”

The case-hardened and ground pinions are available in helical and straight tooth versions. They can deliver maximum feed forces from 1.1–17kN, with linear backlash as low as 20µm.

Stober's ZV shaft-mounted pinion can handle feed forces up to 17kN

The shaft-mounted pinions complement Stober’s ZTRS, ZTR, and ZR products. They can mount to the company’s inline P and PE or right-angle K, KL, or KS gearbox shafts. They are also available with a motor adapter or as an integral gear-motor.