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Direct on line Nema motors have 20% lower losses
Published:  02 April, 2024

ABB has cut the losses in its proven Baldor-Reliance Nema induction motors by an average of 20% while maintaining the form, fit and function of these motors, which have a large installed base. The new SP4 motors comply with the Nema Super Premium efficiency requirements for standard AC induction motors operated DOL (direct on line), and can achieve higher efficiencies when paired with a variable-speed drive.

As well as meeting current US Department of Energy efficiency standards, the motors have been designed to comply with the planned Medium Electric Motor (MEM) regulations, which are due to take effect in the US on 1 June, 2027. The regulations mandate that motors up to 100hp must maintain Nema Premium efficiency, while those rated at 100–250hp must achieve Nema Super Premium efficiency – comparable to the IEC’s IE4 efficiency for DOL-operated AC induction motors.

With more than 80% of industrial electric motors operating DOL, ABB says that the new motors represents its commitment to improving efficiency and performance without requiring customers to make significant investments in additional technology or components.

The cool-running motors will reduce heat-based energy losses, and extend the lives of bearings and other components. Reducing energy losses will also lower operating costs and total costs of ownership.

The high-efficiency ABB Baldor-Reliance SP4 motor is a drop-in replacement for existing Nema DOL machines

The SP4 rollout is underway with initial models spanning ratings from 0.25–20hp in two-, four- and six-pole designs. Other designs, ratings and features will be added soon.

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