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Siemens buys visual inspection start-up offering ‘instant QA’
Published:  19 February, 2024

Siemens has bought the German visual inspection start-up Inspekto from its venture capitalist owner, D11Z Ventures, for an undisclosed sum. Inspekto has developed an AI-driven, machine-vision-based QA (quality assurance) technology that can be installed “within minutes” without needing systems integrators or the lengthy processes usually associated with setting up QA systems.

The Inspekto technology, which has its origins in Israel, mimics cognitive human vision for quality control and can be used to inspect processes such as metal casting, plastic injection moulding, coatings, mechanical assembly, material removal processes, incoming goods inspection, and packaging and labelling, using an integrated, centrally controlled, stand-alone or mobile system.

Siemens already uses Inspekto’s technology. Other customers include Bosch, BMW, Bentley and Toyota. The acquisition will become part of Siemens Digital Industries' factory automation business, and will keep the Inspekto name.

“Inspekto's innovative AI technology and capabilities are another valuable addition to our industrial AI software portfolio,” says Rainer Brehm, CEO of Siemens Factory Automation. “This strengthens our offering in the Siemens Industrial Edge ecosystem for our customers. The main application is the easy-to-use automated visual quality inspection based on image processing.”

Inspekto’s technology allows machine-vision-based QA to be set up without needing systems integrators

“Our goal is to make automated visual inspection solutions accessible to manufacturers of all sizes and production flexibility,” adds Inspekto CEO, Ulrich Eger. “Due to economic change and the need for dynamic production requirements, the demand from manufacturers for flexible, autonomous quality inspection systems has risen continuously worldwide. With Siemens AG, Inspekto has now found a strong partner to continue to successfully develop and offer the products, technologies, and services of Inspekto GmbH worldwide.”

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