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Encoder with built-in vibration analysis avoids downtime
Published:  16 January, 2024

The German encoder specialist Heidenhain has developed a rotary encoder with a built-in accelerometer that allows position measurements and vibration analysis to be performed by a single component, thus simplifying condition monitoring and maintenance planning in high-wear automated systems.

The combined sensor allows users to use predictive maintenance to optimise machine servicing intervals and to anticipate any irregular maintenance before problems occur.

Detecting vibrations early is vital to ensure long service lives for production systems and to avoid possible machine damage, downtime and scrap. By integrating a three-axis accelerometer into its ECI 123 Splus inductive encoder, Heidenhain says it has created a new and convenient way of detecting and analysing vibrations on rotating machines. It also avoids the need to install additional vibration sensors, while simplifying cabling and installation.

Linking vibration data with position feedback makes it easier to determine the type and location any vibrations. The encoder also supports up to three external temperature sensors, with all of the data being transmitted for further processing via an EnDat 3 interface.

Heidenhain’s combined rotary encoder and vibration analyser helps to avoid unexpected machine failures

An on-board microcontroller can perform initial analysis up to 64 orders. For more detailed analysis, the serial data can be sent to downstream electronics, allowing OEMs to customise their analyses based on timing, triggers, speed ranges and measured axes, and to monitor the data for any changes over time. By collecting data over an extended period, users can also gauge a machine’s remaining service life.

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