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Supercapacitor packs deliver back-up power for IPCs and HMIs
Published:  11 September, 2023

Premio, the Californian rugged edge and embedded computing specialist, has launched an industrial supercapacitor-based power back-up system that provides configurable power redundancy for equipment such as industrial computers, displays and panel PCs. In the event of a power loss or instability, the Eco-1000 EdgeBoost EnergyPack provides sufficient redundant power to initiate a safe shutdown to prevent data from being lost or corrupted.

Robert Lu, Premio’s vice-president of product engineering, says that development “represents a significant leap forward in energy storage technology, offering a robust power backup solution as more mission-critical computing workloads move into edge-native environments.

“Supercapacitor technology triumphs over traditional batteries in these harsh environments,” he adds, “allowing instantaneous power charge and discharge to protect vital data at the rugged edge – a key requirement for real-time processing.”

Supercapacitors are said to offer good endurance in harsh environments. They have 10-year operating lives and can handle 500,000 charging lifecycles

The back-up packs are available in two configurations, containing either eight supercapacitors with a combined output of 100W, or 16, with a 200W output. A modular, plug-and-play design allows quick replacement and upgradability.

The packs offer three power modes for intelligent power management, depending on the application: normal backup; ignition control; and battery mode. They use ignition control, remote power on/off, and sensors to manage redundant power backup efficiently and intelligently for a variety of uses.

Premio’s supercapacitor back-ups are configurable to suit the application

An interactive GUI allows users to manage and monitor the system remotely. An optional LCM module provides on-site monitoring and control to help minimise downtime and optimise productivity.

The packs boast: a –25ºC to +55ºC operating temperature range; 20G shock resistance; 5G vibration resistance; over-voltage/current protection; and reverse protection.

As well as industrial automation applications, the packs can also be used on railways; for smart transportation; and for smart energy applications.

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