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Single-phase motors comply with new EU efficiency rules
Published:  18 July, 2023

The Italian motor manufacturer Soga has announced a range of high-efficiency two- and four-pole single-phase motors designed to comply with the EU2019/1781 regulation which came into force on 1 July 2023, and requires asynchronous single-phase motors sold in Europe have to have minimum efficiency ratings of IE2.

Soga’s two-pole models are available in power ratings from 0.18-3kW, with efficiencies ranging from 60.4% (for the 0.18kW model) to 84.6% (for the 3kW versions). The motors cover frame sizes 63-112. The smallest versions, with 63 size frames and outputs of 0.18 or 0.25kW, have no switches. Versions from 0.37-0.75kW (frame size 71) have electronic switches, while larger versions have centrifugal switches. Specifications for the four-pole versions are available on request.

At present, the EU regulations exclude: motors with operating duty cycles below S1, S3-80% and S6-80%; two-speed motors, Atex motors; motors with integrated brakes; and motors operating in environments with temperatures above 60°C.

Soga’s single-phase motors comply with the EU’s new efficiency regulations

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