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GPT AI tool will enhance maintenance and efficiency
Published:  02 May, 2023

A Californian industrial software developer has announced a generative AI (artificial intelligence) tool designed to help manufacturers to train and test predictive maintenance models at the industrial edge. EoT (Embassy of Things) says that its patent-pending Twin Talk GPT system will help users to improve their operational efficiency and decision-making.

The technology combines generative AI with edge computing and can simulate real-time industrial events and operational data that are used to train and test machine-learning algorithms that help to optimise equipment health and performance.

EoT CEO Matt Oberdorfer describes the product as “a fundamental game-changer for the industrial sector, enabling companies to leverage the power of generative AI to improve predictive maintenance systems with the help of generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs).

“We are excited to offer Twin Talk GPT to industrial companies,” he adds, “as it will enable them to improve their operational efficiency and decision-making through the power of generative AI.”

EoT says it Twin Talk GPT will help manufacturers to improve their operational efficiency and decision-making.Image: Business Wire

The software incorporates advanced transformer models using Twin Talk’s AI Edge Controller. The data generated can be used to train predictive maintenance machine-learning models that perform real-time predictions and anomaly detection using closed-loop, event-response action, thus avoiding costly downtime and increasing production output.

Twin Talk GPT is due to be released in November 2023.