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Fluid power specialist expands into automation sector
Published:  01 March, 2023

The UK compressed air and fluid power specialist Thorite has expanded into the industrial automation sector with launch of a dedicated electronic automation team at the recent Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show, where it demonstrated new automation products and technologies, including electric pick-and-place grippers.

“Electronic automation is increasingly being recognised by OEMs as a more efficient alternative to pneumatic power on some machinery,” says the team’s marketing co-ordinator, Tom Simpson. “We have expanded our expertise over the years.”

Bradford-based Thorite hopes to help OEMs unlock the potential of electronic automation to develop equipment which delivers faster changeovers and improved productivity.

At the Southern show, the new team was demonstrating the best uses for pneumatic and electronic automation. It also introduced Gardner Denver’s new Ultima range of oil-free compressors, which are said to be 37% smaller and 13% more efficient than their rivals, and avoid the need for ducting by using internal heat exchangers.

Thorite has expanded into the industrial automation sector

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