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‘First’ IO-Link smart incremental encoder opens up applications
Published:  06 February, 2023

Baumer claims to be offering the first bearing-free, smart incremental encoder that supports IO-Link. It predicts that the EB200E encoder will open up new applications by allowing it to be parameterised via IO-Link. For example, its two switching outputs can be set to act as a speed monitor for overspeed, speed range, standstill or direction of rotation.

Up to eight of the encoders to be connected to an IO-Link master using standard cables. The encoder is said to cut the cost and effort of cabling, while the speed-monitoring function will replace the need for additional hardware components.

With an installation depth of 12mm and flexible shaft diameters, the encoder integrates into machines in a space-saving way without needing complex adaptation of the mechanics. Thanks to non-contact sensing between the sensor head and magnet ring, the encoder can handle dirt, shock or vibration. Baumer’s PC-based Sensor Suite tool allows intuitive parameterisation and data visualisation.

Baumer’s EB200E encoder can be parameterised via IO-Link

The encoder also delivers conventional HTL signals.

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