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Inverter-only IE5 motors will maximise energy savings
Published:  22 December, 2022

At the recent SPS show in Germany, SEW-Eurodrive launched a family of IE5-efficiency synchronous reluctance motors which need an inverter to operate. When combined with efficient gearboxes and intelligent frequency inverters, the DR2C motors are said to result in energy-saving drive systems that cut losses in a wide range of applications.

SEW argues that switching from line-commutated motors or line-operated motors that run on inverters, to motors that have been developed specifically for inverter operation offers the potential for substantial efficiency gains. It points out that while Part 30-1 of IEC 60034 stipulates that the highest possible efficiency for line-operated motors (whether running on an inverter or not) is IE4, Part 30-2 of IEC/TS 60034 sets the highest class for inverter motors at IE5.

The rotational speeds of the synchronous motors are not load-dependent. Daisy-chained components can therefore be designed with connections that are mechanically locked, rather than friction-based. The synchronous technology results in almost loss-free rotors and low thermal loads – and cooler motors have longer service lives.

The first DR2C motors will be available in the spring of 2023 in ratings up to 3kW. They will achieve efficiencies of up to 91%. These will be followed later in 2023 by versions up to 11kW with efficiencies up to 94.5%.

SEW’s inverter-driven synchronous reluctance motors boast IE5 efficiency levels

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