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ProfiSafe module links safety sensors to controls via IO-Link
Published:  18 March, 2022

ifm electronic has announced a device that allows users to operate standard safety sensors and actuators via IO-Link. The AL200S module uses a special ProfiSafe telegram to provide “tunnelled” communication with a safety controller. This allows it to meet SIL3 and PLe safety requirements.

The module connects to ifm’s AL1400 or AL1402 IO-Link masters and provides eight safe OSSD inputs, as well as four safe outputs that are powered from a separate 24V DC supply via an L-coded M12 connector. The outputs can be configured as PNP or NPN and each has a 2A current rating, allowing the module to be used with powerful actuators. The maximum load is 6A.

If the module needs to be replaced, the new device can be configured quickly and easily using the optional ProfiSafe E7700S address plug, which is simply inserted into the replacement module. The stored ProfiSafe address is transferred automatically. No computer or extra software is needed.

ifm’s ProfiSafe module allows users to operate safety sensors and actuators via IO-Link

The IO-Link modules have IP65 or higher protection and an operating temperature range of –25 to +60ºC. They can be used in almost any environment without needing extra protection.

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