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Single radar level sensor suits almost any application
Published:  18 March, 2022

The German level and pressure instrumentation specialist Vega has developed a radar-based level sensor that, it claims, can be used for almost any level-sensing application involving liquids or solids. Until now, choosing a radar-based level has been a laborious process, requiring application details such as temperature and pressure ranges, to be matched to a wide choice of radar frequencies, antenna designs, parts numbers and options. Up to 15 parameters needed to be specified.

Vega says that its new Vegapuls 6X sensor “thinks” in a new way and represents a new era in level sensing. In the future, the company predicts, users will no longer need to worry about level-sensing technologies, frequencies or instrument versions.

Configuring the sensor starts with the application. An online tool helps users to specify and order the device. Set-up and commissioning efforts have been minimised, requiring just a few clicks and basic application parameters. In many cases, all application-specific settings can be made before the sensor leaves the factory. They can even pre-calibrated, avoiding the need for on-site adjustments. The user just installs and connects the device.

The sensor also incorporates a new radar-chip technology, with expanded application possibilities and simpler operation. A self-diagnosis system detects any damage or interference, ensuring high availability and safety.

Vega’s new device can be used for almost any level-sensing application

The sensor is SIL-certified, and complies with the IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity security standard, which specifies strict requirements for secure communications and access control.