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Former Tesla head of automation promises no-code platform
Published:  29 March, 2021

Luc Leroy, former head of core automation engineering at the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, has set up a company that is aiming to produce “the first no-code automated manufacturing platform”.

Full Speed Automation, based in Silicon Valley, California, has raised $3.2m in seed funding to support the development and reach of its Vitesse platform using teams located in the US and Europe.

The platform will allow fast production set-ups and rapid iterations on both new and existing production lines. As well as bringing agility to factories, it will simplify data acquisition and enable production monitoring with real-time telemetry.

Leroy helped to solve the major automation problems that Tesla encountered when it started to produce its Model 3 vehicle, and to make production of the vehicle profitable. He also set up the controls and software architectures for Tesla’s Model Y and battery production lines.

Leroy: developing ‘the missing universal automation operating system’

“To enable production agility with smart automation is key for a better future,” Leroy says. “Our platform increases quality and working conditions; it also boosts productivity, traceability and is essential to protect our planet by decentralising production and redistributing supply chains.” He describes Vitesse as “the missing universal automation operating system that will support this transformation”.

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