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Linear actuator is ‘the first with IO-Link communications’
Published:  01 February, 2021

The Danish actuator manufacturer Linak claims to have produced the first linear actuator with built-in two-way IO-Link communications. The device, based on its LA25 actuator, promises to simplify installation, automate parameter setting, and expand diagnostics.

The actuator, which offers stroke lengths of 20-300mm, can deliver 2.5kN at speeds of up to 25mm/s. All of the necessary electronics is built into the actuator. The IO-Link port can be used to read parameters such as position, current consumption, status (such as whether the actuator is extended or retracted) and errors, and to set positions, speed and maximum current limits. It can be configured directly from a PLC.

Linak developed the IO-Link version following an inquiry from a customer in Switzerland that was looking for an IO-Link-compatible linear movement system for use in a packaging machine. Linak and the customer worked together to develop the actuator.

Linak’s IO-Link actuator can be configured from a PLC

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