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Smart sensors enhance servomotor condition monitoring
Published:  04 December, 2020

The German sensor-maker Sick has announced an intelligent add-on for its EDS/EDM35 motor feedback system that allows condition monitoring of servodrives down to individual machine axes. The sHub sensor hub has an integrated acceleration sensor and is said to pave the way for entry into the world of digitalised drive technologies and increasingly intelligent servodrive systems.

The hub transmits information via Hiperface DSL about vibrations and the temperature of the servomotor windings, as well as the speed and position of the drive. This will help users to detect malfunctions and breakdown risks sooner, to resolve them faster, or to avoid them completely, Sick says.

Faults such as bearing damage or imbalances can be detected in real time and eliminated before downtime is needed. This is especially important for dynamic and safety-related systems designed for 100% machine availability. This reliability is supported by the combination of the safety-certified (PL d, SIL 2) EDS/EDM35 encoders and the hub.

The sensor hub can be integrated with motor controllers and motion control via Hiperface DSL. The synchronous detection of position and vibration data is said to improve the accuracy of predicting when components will fail. The sensor hub also offers the intelligence and connections needed to implement Industry 4.0, and will allow machine-builders to develop their own service plans – for example, offering predictive maintenance – based on the data from the hub.

Sick’s sensor hub combines with its EDS/EDM35 encoders to monitor servodrive axes.

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