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Three-finger gripper grasps hard-to-handle objects
Published:  15 April, 2020

The Danish manufacturer of robotic end-effectors, OnRobot, has developed a three-finger electric gripper that, it says, will simplify previously difficult-to-automate precision handling of cylindrical parts, and will accept a wide range of object sizes. The compact 3FG15 gripper has a 15kg payload, a maximum stroke length of 150mm, and can handle parts from 20–150mm. It provides a strong grip for both form-fit (internal) or friction-fit (external) applications.

A key role for the gripper, which centres the workpieces automatically, is in machine-tending tasks where it places items precisely into machine chucks. With a gripping force of 20–250N, it competes with less flexible finger grippers.

The device can also be used for packaging and palletising applications, and is compatible with most collaborative or light industrial robot arms. OnRobot’s One System Solution platform provides a unified mechanical and electrical interface between an arm and any of the company’s end-effectors.

OnRobot’s electric three-finger gripper is a more flexible alternative to pneumatic grippers

The company’s CEO Enrico Krog Iversen says that the gripper was developed as an alternative to existing pneumatic three-finger grippers “that are bulkier and less flexible. We look forward to addressing new market segments and applications with the new three-finger gripper that allows users to deploy applications faster even with highly accurate, fixed positioning.”