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Adaptor links older enclosure cooling systems to the IoT
Published:  23 September, 2019

Rittal has developed an adaptor that retrofits its Blue e cooling systems with communications capabilities, allowing them to link up with smart condition-monitoring and IoT systems. The adaptor uses a similar interface to that available for the more recent Blue e+ systems. The older systems cannot communicate directly with e+ interface.

The new adaptor can be used in a master/slave arrangement to set up condition monitoring for up to ten cooling systems. Not only can data be recorded, but efficiency analyses can also be carried out. A monitoring system can also be set up to detect faults and limit breaches and to issue automatic notifications, thus helping to boost availability and prevent costly downtime.

The new adapter is compatible with any wall- or roof-mounting Blue e system that uses a Comfort Controller. It can also be used with cooling systems with Nema 3R/4 or 4X classifications, that are often used outdoors. This means that isolated systems such as renewable energy sites can now be monitored remotely.

Rittal’s adaptor adds IoT communications to older enclosure cooling systems

Systems can be configured and commissioned via a Web server built into the IoT interface, without needing any programming.