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Modular access control system can be retrofitted
Published:  24 June, 2019

The German machinery safety specialist Pilz has developed a flexible, modular access permission management system which can be integrated into existing control consoles and can use existing pushbuttons. The PITmode fusion system consists of a reader with integrated RFID technology, a Web server (the PITreader) and a safe evaluation module (SEU). It is aimed at machines which need to switch between different control sequences and operating modes.

Authorised users can perform their individual tasks using coded RFID transponder keys. There are up five safe operating modes, including automatic modes, manual intervention under restricted conditions, and service modes. When a key is inserted, the SEU detects the operating mode, and the PITreader ensures safe switching, thus preventing accidents, misuse and manipulation.

The RFID keys are read and taught in the PITreader, which can be company-specific. Group-based permission management can also be implemented.

Pilz's PITmode fusion system combines safety and security functions in one system

The PITmode fusion system can also be used for tasks other than permitting access and selecting operating modes. For example, a simple enable can replace a keywswitch or give permission to access machine sub-functions. Complex, hierarchical permission matrices can be created.