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Backdrivable actuator offers ‘unrivalled’ speed and stiffness
Published:  13 June, 2019

Genesis Robotics, the Canadian company which unveiled a gearless, high-torque rotary actuator at the 2017 Hannover fair, was back at this year's show, previewing a new family of low-friction, back-drivable actuators which, it says, respond much faster than traditional actuators.

The Double Helix torque amplifier has an “unique” planet arrangement that produces efficient load sharing, with levels of strength and stiffness that cannot be achieved by any other any gearbox on the market, says Genesis.

The actuator is aimed, in particular, at robot applications, and will make them safer and more productive, according to the company. The actuator can withstand repeated shock loads from emergency stops and, when paired with the company’s LiveDrive radial-flux motor, delivers high torque at low gear ratios, resulting in a higher throughput than traditional robot designs.

Genesis Robotics’ Double Helix torque amplifier is backdrivable

The actuator’s backdrivability allows its torque to be controlled without needing a torque sensor, resulting simple, robust torque control with good safety and controllability.