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Bookshelf inverters can be extended using plug-in modules
Published:  08 May, 2019

The German drives manufacturer Nord has announced a range of cabinet-mounting inverters whose functions can be extended using plug-in control, safety and option modules. The bookshelf-format Nordac Pro SK 500p inverters span ratings from 0.25–5.5kW and can be mounted side-by-side inside cabinets.

The inverters have built-in PLCs and can operate in open- or closed-loop configurations, as well as controlling both synchronous and asynchronous motors. Precise current vector control can optimise torque in various load and speed situations and offers reliable operation with high overload reserves. Brake choppers for four-quadrant operation are built in, as are a motor brake management capability, and STO and SS1 safety functions.

An industrial Ethernet multi-chip in the drive allows most real-time Ethernet systems – including ProfiNet, EtherNet IP, PowerLink and EtherCat – to be used via a single interface. The inverters can also be parameterised via a USB port without needing an external power supply. There is also a SD card slot for saving and transferring parameters, and a CANopen interface. Also available are: five or six digital and two analogue inputs; two digital and one analogue outputs; two potential-free relays; an HTL /TTL incremental encoder interface; and a universal encoder interface.

As well as fully equipped “application inverter” versions, there are also “machine inverter” versions with fewer interfaces, but still offering a built-in PLC, closed-loop control and positioning.

Nord’s cabinet-mounting inverters will be available in ratings up to 5.5kW

The new inverters are expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2019.