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Module links existing motors to the cloud for analysis
Published:  01 March, 2019

Siemens has announced plans for a technology that will transmit data from existing electric motors directly to the cloud for analysis, without needing any structural modifications. At next month’s Hannover Fair, the company will demonstrate a module that will allow plant operators to view the operational status of their drive systems and to plan servicing schedules, improve efficiency, as well as extending service lives. Typical applications will include pumps, fans and compressors.

The Simotics Connect 400 connectivity module will come with all of the sensors needed to capture vibrations or temperature-related data from motors, as well as a WLAN communication module and a battery that allows it to operate autonomously. The module, which can be fitted to Siemens’ size AH100–AH450 low-voltage motors, will process and save the operating data, and send it to the company’s Sidrive IQ Fleet App for cloud-based analysis.

This app will produce KPIs (key performance indicators) detailing the status of the motors, and indicating if any remedial action is needed. The modules can be retrofitted to existing motors to improve their reliability and availability, and to boost performance.

Sidrive IQ is part of Siemens’ digitalisation portfolio which uses the IoT (Internet of Things) to optimise drivetrains, from production to servicing. It will encompass several different applications and customised services that operate on Siemens’ MindSphere cloud platform.

Siemens' Sidrive IQ technology will allow motor users to monitor their existing machines and to service them when needed to avoid possible failures

The Sidrive IQ Fleet app is intended mainly for use in process industry applications, while the Analyze MyDrives app targets discrete manufacturing. Both apps can be used to visualise, analyse and monitor drive data.

The Analyze MyDrives app can also be used to monitor the operating status of Sinamics low-voltage converters, and to gather and analyse operating data from them. By monitoring power consumption, torque and frequency, as well as measuring energy flows, it can help users to identify any need for optimisation and maintenance, and to initiate any necessary actions in good time. Siemens says it will reduce the need for fixed-interval maintenance, improve machine productivity and help to identify energy-saving opportunities.