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Embedded controller can synchronise up to 192 axes
Published:  04 February, 2019

Rexroth has topped its MLC motion control system with an embedded controller that can handle up to 192 synchronised axes. By choosing the appropriate software package, users can decide whether they want the XM42 controller to synchronise 64, 128 or 192 axes.

The controller, based on a dual-core CPU, allows OEMs to bundle tasks previously spread across several controllers. Wiring is reduced, and software and commissioning are streamlined.

For simpler applications, a wizard-supported generic application template helps users to create synchronised axis motions in minutes. These are converted automatically into PLC code. For more complex applications, pre-defined functions – such as winding and register control, belt synchronisation and robotic kinematics – are available to simplify the engineering.

Rexroth's MLC family now includes an embedded controller that can handle up to 192 axes