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NFC-based time relay is ’50 times more accurate’
Published:  29 January, 2019

At the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, Schneider Electric announced the “first” time relay with built-in NFC (near-field communications), allowing it to be set from a smartphone 50 times more precisely than conventional time relays. The 22.5mm-wide Zelio Time relay can even be set through packaging and when it is de-energised – unlike systems based on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The device has 28 time functions, two outputs, a 24–240V AC/DC power supply, and offers a timing range from 0.05s to 999 hours. Conventional screwdriver-adjusted time relays have an adjustment error of up to 10%; the NFC relay can be set to the millisecond, reducing time errors to 0.2% – or 50 times better than conventional relays.

After one Zelio relay has been set from smartphone, the configuration can be transferred easily to many other relays, rather than needing to set them each individually by hand.

Schneider Electric’s Zelio time relay can be set accurately from a smartphone