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Google reveals plans to launch cloud robotics platform
Published:  20 November, 2018

Google has announced that it is working on a cloud robotics platform that will combine the power of artificial intelligence, robotics and the cloud. It says that initiative, due to go commercial in 2019, will create “an open ecosystem of automation solutions” using cloud-connected collaborative robots. It will enable efficient robot automation in dynamic environments.

Initially, Google’s cloud robotics services will process sensor data from multiple sources and use machine learning to deliver insights. “Thoughtfully designed” tools will allow developers to build, test and deploy software easily.

The open platform will support an ecosystem of hardware, applications and services from third-party manufacturers and developers, resulting re-usable components. Open APIs will allow for interoperability, and “end-to-end” solutions” with collaborative robots from different vendors.

A scalable cloud pricing model will let users pay as they go for what they use. They will own the data which they will be able to move to other cloud providers, if they want.