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Novel cooling boosts power densities of air-cooled HV motors
Published:  19 November, 2018

Siemens has announced a range of compact, lightweight high-voltage motors which incorporate an innovative cooling system that combines fin and tube cooling, and is claimed to improve temperature distribution in the motor and boost power densities “significantly”. The Simotics HV C motors, which come in ratings up to 3.2MW, can be connected to Siemens’ new Sidrive IQ digital platform to allow cloud-based analyses of their condition.

The new cooling concept integrates tube cooling into the motors’ rib-cooled housing. The cooling effect is improved by a fan which, unlike conventional designs, reduces the motor’s internal temperature, increasing performance by up to 15% and extending the operating life of components, without affecting the size of the motor.

The motors can be used in areas where there is no danger of explosions (safe areas) or where explosions are not likely to occur (explosion protection zone 2), as well as being available in ignition-proof types Ex ec and Ex tc.

Siemens claims that the new cooling system in its Simotics HV C motors can boost performance by 15%

The air-cooled motors extend Siemens’ HV motors beyond the existing flameproof and water-jacket-cooled designs.