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Robotic box-builder can handle eight sizes, without changeovers
Published:  22 October, 2018

A US packaging machinery specialist claims to have developed the first machine that can randomly erect boxes of different shapes and sizes, without needing any changeovers. New Jersey-based Xpak says that its Coboxx case erector can handle up to eight different box sizes, without needing to make any manual adjustments or perform any programming. Users can add new sizes via software that allows them to input lengths, widths and heights.

The machine is based on a collaborative robot, allowing it to operate safely near humans without needing any physical guarding. “This collaborative design not only enables the operator to safely and intuitively interface with our machine; Robox also realises approximately 60% reduction in terms of the footprint required for a similar machine using more conventional robotic technology that requires fencing,” says Xpak’s technical sales engineer, William Reilly.

Xpak’s robotic box-builder can handle up to eight different sizes of box

The machine, which can build up to eight boxes per minute, is equipped with a Universal Robots UR10e cobot arm that picks a flat box from one of two magazines, squares the case, and folds and seals the bottom flaps with tape. It can be integrated into any packaging environment.