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Welsh IP66 drives make their debut at the Hannover Fair
Published:  22 June, 2018

One of a handful of UK automation companies at the recent Hannover Fair was the Welsh drives-maker Invertek, which launched a range of IP66-protected, outdoor-rated VSDs, as well as a pair of tools for its Optidrive family.

The machine-mountable Optidrive E3 IP66 enclosed drives will come in four frame sizes up to 22kW. Two of the frames are available now; the others will follow later this year. They can control induction, permanent magnet, brushless DC and synchronous reluctance motors. The default settings are suitable for most applications, and just 14 parameters make adjustment easy. There are pre-set modes for industrial, pump or fan operation.

The drives’ dust-tight polycarbonate housings resist ultraviolet light, grease, oils and acids. EtherNet/IP is built in. Switched versions are available which start a motor with the turn of a potentiometer to produce immediate savings.

One of Invertek’s new tools is a parameter-copying device that plugs into the front of an Optidrive VSD to turn it into a Bluetooth-enabled drive. Onboard Bluetooth LE technology allows the drive to monitored wirelessly in real time from a smartphone or PC. The OptistickSmart device also uses NFC (near-field communication) to transfer data to a phone or PC equipped with an NFC reader, allowing parameters to be uploaded or downloaded. NFC works even when the drive is not powered, allowing easy cloning of parameters.

Invertek’s IP66 drives will come in four sizes covering ratings up to 22kW

The second new tool is an iOS/Android app that allows remote setting up, commissioning, operation and monitoring of Optidrive VSDs, when used with the OptistickSmart. It can also be used for offline editing of drive parameters and for sharing data and parameters via email or the cloud for remote analysis and updates.