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Sensorless vector control comes to MV drives below 200A
Published:  15 May, 2018

Rockwell Automation has enhanced its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 range of medium-voltage drives by adding sensorless vector control (SVC) for applications up to 200A, as well as introducing new voltage ratings (6.9kV and 11kV) and a standard-efficiency transformer option for the Asia-Pacific market.

Following the launch last year of SVC for applications from 200–680A, the technology is now also available for currents below 200A and for voltage ratings from 2.3­–11kV. SVC provides a constant-torque capability without needing an encoder, which can help to lower costs of ownership for applications such as slurry pumps and reciprocating compressors.

“Heavy-industry users need to complete projects with less capital, and this requires a reliable, high-performing drive that can reduce costs across its lifespan,” explains Brad Bugiardini, Rockwell’s product manager for MV drives. “The new, enhanced control and capabilities of the PowerFlex 6000 drives can simplify the user experience, while lowering the total cost of ownership.”

The two new voltage ratings are 6.9kV, most commonly found in Canada, and 11kV, found in Australia and Europe.

Rockwell Automation's PowerFlex 6000 medium-voltage drives are now available with sensorless vector control for applications below 200A

In addition, a standard-efficiency transformer option is now available for the Asia-Pacific market, which also helps to lower total costs of ownership for the drives.