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Inductive system gauges distance between actuators
Published:  20 December, 2017

The German automation manufacturer Pepperl+Fuchs has developed an inductive position-sensing system that can detect the absolute position of one actuator, or the distance between two actuators in complex applications. Simultaneous measuring and switching functions in one device avoid the need for extra sensors.

The PMI F90 system helps to perform dynamic positioning tasks using a minimum of measuring technologies. It uses a patented multi-coil system that is said to maximise measurement accuracy. The non-contact, maintenance-free and contamination-resistant technology ensures robustness and durability.

The system can detect the absolute position of a steel actuator using the measuring signals from a single coil. As well as sending analogue position signals, it can also define switching points. The position detection is independent of distance, and the measurement and switching ranges are programmable.

Pepperl+Fuchs’ inductive position-sensing system combines two roles

An IO-Link interface allows event logs, error messages, signal quality data, device status, and operating hours to be read directly by an IO-Link master. The interface is also used to parameterise the system.