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SoftPLC runs on Linux platforms from Siemens and Wago
Published:  19 September, 2017

3S-Smart Software Solutions, the developer of the manufacturer-independent Codesys IEC 61131-3 automation software, has announced that its SoftPLC software is now available as a runtime environment for control systems based on the open Linux operating system, such as Wago’s PFC 100 and Siemens’ Simatic IOT2000.

The SoftPLC software includes protocol stacks and configurators for common bus systems, allowing on-board Ethernet interfaces to be used as fieldbuses. Installing it on the Linux-based controllers turns them into EtherCat Masters, EtherNet/IP scanners or adapters, or Profinet controllers or devices.

The controllers also support Codesys’ WebVisu visualisation software, allowing visualisations developed in the Codesys Development System to be uploaded to them and displayed on any HTML5 browser. This allows machines or plants to be monitored via tablet computers or smartphone. A built-in OPC UA server turns the systems into Industry 4.0-compatible communications servers.

The open Codesys SoftPLC software now runs on Linux-based controllers from Siemens and Wago

Codesys already offers customised SoftPLC systems for other platforms, including Raspberry Pi.