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Kit ensures that human-robot interactions are safe
Published:  15 June, 2017

Pilz has come up with a package for measuring forces and pressures in accordance with ISO/TS 15066 to ensure the safety of human-robot collaborations (HRCs).

The TS standard specifies limiting values for force and pressure for each part of the body in the event of a collision between a human and a machine. As long as an application stays below these limits, it conforms to the standard.

Pilz claims that its PROBms system records these values precisely for the first time. The system consists of the PROBmdf measuring device, pressure indicating films, a scanner, nine springs with different force constants to represent different parts of the body, and software to operate the measuring device and record the results.

Pilz's PROBms kit takes measurements to ensure the safety of human-robot interactions

Unusually, Pilz is offering the system on a rental basis, including maintenance, calibration, updates, and one day of training. It says that this will ensure that users always have an up-to-date system.