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Wireless control panels link drives to smartphone apps
Published:  15 June, 2017

Danfoss’ VLT AC drives now come with a wireless operating panel that can communicate with mobile devices such as smartphones, making them easier to install, configure, monitor and control. The VLT Wireless Communication Panel LCP 103 (supplied with the company’s HVAC, Aqua and AutomationDrives) communicates with Danfoss’ MyDrive Connect app running on an IoS or Android device to display the same information as the panel with options for expanded graphic visualisations.

Items that can be viewed include: status messages; start-up menus; alarm protocols; and reset functions. The app can also display trend graphs documenting the behaviour of a drive over time. Also provided are a simulation mode, help functions and displays of motor status. Maintenance personnel can receive real-time error messages via the app.

The IP66-protected panel has built-in back-up storage for data security. The wireless communications facilities use encryption and other security features. 

Danfoss' MyDrive Connect app connects wirelessly to the company's VLT VSDs