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Severe-duty electric motors can be linked to the cloud
Published:  13 April, 2017

Siemens has announced a new generation of severe-duty motors which will be able to link to its MindSphere cloud platform to analyse their status. The company says that users will be able to access data from the motors anywhere in the world to improve productivity through increased availability, improved performance and optimised servicing.

The compact, cast-iron, low-voltage motors also carry a DataMatrix code that allows devices such as smartphones to identify the motor and provide users with rapid access to information such as the electronic rating plate. The benefits are said to include simplified commissioning, and easier ordering of spare parts.

A “digital twin” of the motors is available and is said to make design and engineering faster and more flexible, with access to 2D drawings and 3D models.

The Simotics SD motors are available in sizes 315 and 355, and in efficiency classes IE3, IE4 and IES2. Good heat dissipation results in high power densities. A flexible terminal box design, with 40 possible orientations, allows the motors to be adapted easily to any mounting location. The motors are IP55-protected as standard, with IP56 or IP65 versions available as options.

Siemens' new severe-duty motors have been designed to be part of a digitised factory

The motors can be used in harsh environments involving exposure to dust, vibration or aggressive atmospheres. They are suitable for use in the petrochemical and general process industries.

Deliveries of the new motors are said to take 15–20 working days.