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Demo links industrial drives to the cloud via a 3G router
Published:  09 June, 2016

The Taiwanese automation manufacturer Delta Electronics launched a slew of new ranges at the Hannover Fair, including AC drives, Ethernet switches, machine vision systems, motion control platforms, industrial and panel PCs, HMIs, remote I/Os, smart sensors, linear stages, Scada software and robot controllers.

The company demonstrated an industrial Internet and cloud technology that allows drives and other automation components to be monitored and controlled remotely via a new 3G industrial cloud router (also available in an Ethernet version).

Delta’s new MH300 and MS300 AC drives are up to 40% smaller than its previous generation and support open- and closed-loop control of both induction and permanent magnet motors. They have built-in PLCs, brake choppers and STO functions, and are available in high-speed versions with output frequencies up to 2kHz.

The company was also showing a PC-based PAC (programmable automation controller) that can control up to 64 axes via EtherCat and can form the basis for PC-based CNC systems.

Delta's MH300 / MS300 drives are 40% smaller than their predecessors

Another new arrival was a PLC with a 32-bit CPU that can control up to eight axes via a CANopen network, or six axes via 200kHz pulse control. There is also a new pump control system offering a choice of control modes – including pressure, temperature and constant level ­– and capable of managing up to four pumps.