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Technology eliminates the need for muting sensors
Published:  04 January, 2016

Leuze electronic has developed a technology which, it says, avoids the need for the muting sensors that are usually required to detect the approach of goods to a light curtain. It says that its Smart Process-controlled Gating (SPG) system will make muting cheaper, simpler and safer.

With SPG, the first muting comes from the PLC and the second is generated by the protective field itself. To apply the technology, precise knowledge of the process is required so that the PLC signals can be made available in the expected time window.

Leuze says that the development will lead to smaller conveyor systems, and will avoid the risks of misalignment of, or damage to, the muting sensors, as well as eliminating the need to maintain and service them. It will also cut costs, wiring and the risk of tampering.

Leuze’s SPG system avoids the need for muting sensors