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Software upgrade turns VSD into a servo rival
Published:  23 December, 2015

Danfoss has added an optional software function to its VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 that, it says, will deliver the precise positioning and synchronisation of a servodrive –­ without the cost and complexity. An FC 202 equipped with the new Integrated Motion Controller (IMC) function can be used to control asynchronous or permanent magnet motors, with or without encoders.

Until now, implementing motion control on an AC drive has usually needed extra hardware – typically, a motion control module and an encoder. The optional IMC software for the AutomationDrive provides automatic motor adaptation, and sensorless rotor position detection. It allows the drive to perform positioning and synchronising applications without any extra hardware. In many cases, the drive can perform motion control without an encoder.

Danfoss says the development will allow the FC 202 to replace servodrives in many applications, including rotary tables, packaging machines, conveyors, extruders and palletisers.

Danfoss' IMC function allows a VSD to control permanent magnet or synchronous motors, with or without an encoder