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Servomotors act as sensors for more precise control
Published:  22 December, 2015

Bosch Rexroth has developed a range of synchronous servomotors which provide data on their temperature and saturation to the company's IndraDrive controllers, allowing them to improve torque precision and making operating tolerance ranges much tighter than previously possible. Rexroth says that, for the first time, the servomotor can act as a reliable sensor, as well as a data source.

The high-efficiency MS2N motors come in six sizes, each in up to five lengths. They deliver peak torque levels from 4–350Nm (0.8–148Nm constant) and offer 30% higher torque densities than previous models. They have overload capacities up to five times higher than normal, and low rotor inertias, allowing high acceleration and dynamics.

As well as standard dual cables for power and encoder signals, there is an optional single-cable system that can operate over distances of up to 75m.

Rexroth’s MS2N motors can act as sensors