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New track shapes open up production line options
Published:  06 January, 2015

By adding new track shapes to its linear-motor-based XTS (eXtended Transport System), Beckhoff says it has opened up many new potential applications for transporting items on production lines. For example, the new sections, with radii of 22.5 degrees, can be used in combination with the existing straight and curved modules, to create tracks in the form of circles, squares with rounded corners, or S shapes.

XTS uses linear motor modules to transport items on production lines. The 250mm-long modules have built-in power electronics and position-measuring functions. Several “movers” can travel independently along the same track. Flexible software functions replace complex, costly mechanical systems.

By combining track modules with different radii and straight sections, layouts can be adapted easily to cater for a wide range of applications. Products and formats can be changed rapidly and small lot sizes implemented, without needing any mechanical reconfiguration.

New track shapes will widen the application possibilities for Beckhoff's XTS technology

The new tracks allow the movers to run inside or outside complete circular paths, or to follow polygonal or circular segments connected with straight sections. This opens up the possibility of applications such as flexible rotary indexing tables, says Beckhoff.