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Multi-role motion platform is based on open standards
Published:  06 January, 2015

Parker Hannifin has announced a multi-axis, real-time motion controller that integrates machine logic and Web-based visualisation functions. The standards-based Parker Automation Controller (PAC), which is aimed at the global machine-building market, provides tools that are said to result in fast code generation, short commissioning times and low development costs.

The fan-less PAC is based on a dual-core Intel Atom processor that supports hyper-threading and 64-bit instructions. It has 1GB of RAM and can store applications on SD memory cards.

The DIN-rail-mounting PAC has been designed for easy integration into existing networks and connections to third-party devices. As standard, it supports OPC Server, Modbus TCP, EtherCat and two LANs, and offers Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Profibus as options.

Parker’s Automation Controller is designed for easy integration

A software package called Parker Automation Manager provides an intuitive development environment using the IEC 61131-3 programming languages and PLCopen motion control function blocks. The software also provides real-time information where, and when, it is needed.