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Multi-axis PAC has built-in APIs for advanced controls
Published:  21 November, 2014

Delta Electronics has announced a PAC (programmable automation controller) with integrated motion control functions, which supports EtherCat and DMCNET communications. The MH-1 Series PAC has built-in application-specific APIs which are said to make it easier to implement CNC, robot and IEC 61131 controls.

The PAC integrates motion control, logic programming and HMI controls. It can synchronise EtherCat and DMCNET communications to provide high-performance multi-axis control. It can implement linear, arc, helical and high-speed continuous interpolation. Typical applications include laser engraving, water-jet cutting, woodworking, and control of robot arms and five-axis CNC machine tools.

The EtherCat master port supports 4kHz cycle times for synchronous control and automation of up to 64 axes. The DMCNET master supports 12-axis motion control. The PAC can connect up to 100 EtherCat slave modules or 24 DMCNET slave modules.

Delta's MH1 PAC integrates motion and logic control

The fanless controllers are based on 1.2–2.7GHz dual-core processors and include two PCI slots or one PCIe slot. They can be integrated with Delta’s ECML ironless linear motors, ASDA servo system and ECMA servomotors. The ASDA servo system has a settling time of less than 1ms and an acceleration time of 7ms for speeds from –3,000 to 3,000 rpm with no load.