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Wireless vibration analyser links to a smartphone
Published:  12 June, 2014

SKF has announced an entry-level vibration analysis tool designed to be used with an Android tablet or smartphone to assess problems with rotating machinery. The portable, compact and lightweight Wireless MicroVibe offers basic vibration data collection and analysis functions, including root cause analysis and small-scale route-based data collection.

“The wireless sensor will help our customers assess data in a much easier and quicker way than other comparable technologies,” says SKF product manager, Torsten Bark. “Anyone who owns a tablet can check the condition of a machine to ISO standards or bearing condition, or by user-defined alarms. They can even start a simple condition-monitoring programme.”

If the vibration measurements result in an alert, an FFT spectrum and waveform function provides information to help find the root cause of the problem.

The CMVL 4000-EN device allows multi-point automation for rapid data collection. It can collect, assess and store data such as enveloped acceleration, acceleration, velocity and displacement, producing both FFT spectrum and time waveform displays.

SKF's wireless MicroVibe lets you monitor machinery via your smartphone

If the vibration measurements trigger an alarm (based on ISO vibration severity standard and SKF bearing condition evaluation), the FFT spectrum analysis can help engineers to pinpoint problems such as unbalanced or misaligned bearings, or other causes. The vibration data can be transferred to a computer for storage and for trending and further analysis.