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Tool-free push-in connectors handle currents up to 232A
Published:  05 August, 2013

Phoenix Contact has developed a range of high-current terminals that make it easy to connect and wire rigid or flexible ferruled conductors up to 95mm² without needing tools.

As soon as a conductor is inserted into the low-insertion-force PT Power 95 connector, the contact opens automatically. The high contact forces exceed those stipulated by the relevant standards and ensure reliable contacts. The terminals are rated at 232A and 1.5kV.

To remove a conductor, you simply press a release button that using a screwdriver. This opens the inner contact springs. The orange colour of the button identifies it as an actuating element, preventing mistakes from being made.

Phoenix Contact's PT Power 95 terminals need no tools

There are several types of terminal available, including: universal terminals, with and without test sockets; protective earth terminals that contact the mounting rail automatically when mounting; preassembled terminal blocks; and flange terminal blocks for direct mounting without rails. Multi-pin insertion bridges are available for simple potential distribution.