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High-speed distance sensor is one of the lightest
Published:  02 July, 2013

Sick has developed a range of short-range displacement sensors with built-in displays and controls which, it says, are among the lightest and most precise available.

The OD Mini sensors, which achieve micron-level resolutions and millisecond responses, are suitable for measurement and positioning applications where high levels of accuracy are needed, especially at high speeds – for example, for the positioning of robotic gripper arms, or for precision machining. They can also be used to inspect manufacturing tolerances, as well as for sorting and classification.

The rugged, IP67-protected sensors are available in stainless-steel versions weighing 70g or aluminium versions weighing 40g. Both versions measure 18 x 31 x 41mm. There are three detection ranges (10–20mm, 20–60mm and 60–150mm) with resolutions of 3µm, 8µm and 3µm. Response times are 1ms for all versions.

The sensors’ CMOS receivers are said to eliminate false readings caused by the brightness, colour or reflectivity of an object’s surface. 

Sick says that the sensors are quick to commission and easy to operate using an integral display with four status LEDs. They can be programmed through a simple teach-in process, or remotely via a PC or controller.

Because signal amplification is built in, additional cabling is not needed, saving weight and additional connections. Digital, analogue or serial interfaces are available.