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Spinning screens co-ordinate with video displays
Published:  24 June, 2013

The Swiss engineering consultancy FiveCo has developed a system that can move and rotate computer monitors and TV screens in a co-ordinated manner with images being displayed on them, opening up new opportunities for advertising and other public displays.

The FiveCo SMT (screen motion technology) system can move the screens with three degrees of freedom – two linear axes, as well as one rotational axis. An electronic controller synchronises the system’s three motors with custom video images appearing on the screens to create eye-catching effects.

The system can consist of two moving screens or one static screen combined with a moving display. It was developed for a Swiss company, Dietlin, which specialises in novel technologies for promotional and advertising applications.

The watch-maker Tag Heuer watch recently used the technology on its stand at the BaselWorld 2013 exhibition.